Hyaluronic Acid Luxurious Lotion, Serum And Lip Balms

Luxury meets purity with Luxe beauty. Luxe products truly awaken your skin's natural radiance without using toxic or ineffective ingredients. It is a completely unique skincare product. All products are bottled in recycled Italian glass to ensure leaching plastic particles do not compromise the high-quality ingredients

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Why NO Beeswax |

Bees make beeswax to build their hive, which is their home. Bees must fly the equivalent of six times around the earth to gather enough pollen to create a single pound of beeswax. Beeswax is also a secondary food source for bees, and is vital for the survival of the colony. Taking the bees comb wax (their home) is cons

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Reviews |

LUXE LOTIONS- 8.5 oz and 2 oz "This is the best cream I have ever used - - I use it on my face and since doing so I have been amazed at how much softer my skin is - not only that, my skin looks different - it sounds corny but it actually looks younger. I love the fact that all the ingredients are natural and has natura

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4 in 1 Cleanser ~ SKIN DETOX |

Hollywood calls this a facial in a bottle for a reason! Luxe 4 in 1 detoxes the skin to reveal glowing, healthy skin. Quadruple action purifies skin for a look that’s clean, fresh and radiant. Powered by powerful oils, clay, herbs and enzymes. Most other Facial Washes contain harmful chemicals that will literally dry o

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