The 25 Most Affordable Online Colleges For 2020

The cost of an online college degree varies depending on the school and degree level. According to the College Board, a public two-year college charged $3,730 in tuition and fees for 2019-2020, while public four-year schools charged $10,440 for in-state students and $26,820 for out-of-state students.Private four-year schools charged the highest tuition rates, at $36,880 per year.

Actived: Sunday Oct 18, 2020

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Find Discounts & Deals for College Students

Though collegians have to get the Student Advantage Discount Card, which costs $20, once they do, they receive 10% off on Greyhound fares within the U.S. and 15% off of package shipping through the bus line (as well as discounts with other companies).

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Best College Student Discounts & Deals

TUN is an app that students can download to find local savings. TUN shows discounts students can get with their IDs as well as regular promotions offered by businesses. Those who set up an account can receive free rewards. TUN also has a feature that combines student discounts with regular coupons to get students the best deals.

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How to Not Starve in College on $5 a Day

Student debt is no joke. Tuition, textbooks, that deluxe meal plan. Once your school expenses are covered, it can be tough to scrounge up enough to grab a pumpkin spice latte before class. And let’s face it, that “paid” internship won’t get you very far. Fortunately, with a few tricks of the trade, you can live off way less than you think.

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Save Money on Textbooks in College

Many online sellers make similar claims about the potential to save money on textbooks and shipping while offering other discounts and coupons. Instead of dredging through each site individually, consider using a price-comparison tool, which can help you determine which site offers the best price on what you need with just a few clicks.

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Food Insecurity in College: Finding Support on Campus

For many students today, food insecurity is just a few missed paychecks away. A 2018 study by found that 36% of college students are experiencing hunger and lack stable housing. Add in the fact that tuition rates are going up while financial aid is going down, and it’s obvious that most college students and their families are feeling a very tight financial squeeze.

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Going to College Debt Free: How to Graduate with No Loans

Practice thrift. Smart spending saves money. Stay home and cook. Cut coupons. Don't use credit cards. Skip the gym membership and workout outdoors on your own. Attend free events on campus for entertainment. Take advantage of student discounts. Get together with your friends and buy groceries in bulk. Change your cell phone plan. You get the idea.

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Staying Healthy in College: Eating & Weight Loss Tips

Make full use of coupons. Students who do need to buy dry goods, canned items and other items from the center aisles of the grocery store can seek out coupons to cut the cost of each shopping trip. Many stores offer in-store coupons and special deals on certain items throughout the week and give shoppers a chance to double up on savings in the

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